• Billy Squier Pre-Priced for Fall 2018 TV
    Billy Squier Pre-Priced for Fall 2018 TV

Just in time for the fall TV season, Spirit Music Group in conjunction with UME are pleased to offer this amazing collection of staff favorites from the vaults of iconic 80's rocker Billy Squier, pre-priced for AMXT/WW/PERP. Now, though the end of the year, any song included in this package is available for $7,500 per side for up to 1 minute and $10,000 per side for over a minute. 


1. Billy Squier - "Lonely Is The Night"

2. Billy Squier - "All Night Long"

3. Billy Squier - "In The Dark"

4. Billy Squier - "It Keeps You Rockin'"

5. Billy Squier - "Whadda You Want From Me"

6. Billy Squier - "Too Daze Gone"

7. Billy Squier - "The Big Beat"

8. Billy Squier - "Emotions In Motion"

9. Billy Squier - "Nerves On Ice"

10. Billy Squier - "Fast Times (The Best Years Of Our Lives)"

11. Billy Squier - "Keep Me Satisfied"

12. Billy Squier - "You Know What I Like"

13. Billy Squier - "Angry"

14. Billy Squier - "Lovin' You Ain't So Hard"


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