Martin Glover


The infamous Youth (Martin Glover) has achieved near mythical and a somewhat legendary status as record producer over the years. Production and remix credits include U2 ,Guns and Roses and Paul McCartney including The Verve’s classic ” Bitter sweet symphony”.

As well as pioneering dance music with the legendary Dragonfly recordings in 1993, the original psy-trance and dub mothership based around the infamous Butterfly studios in Brixton South London. This was where Simon Posford, Ott and many more musical illumini were to be mentored as they refined their skills as successive in-house engineers.

Youth’s tastes as a DJ are to be heard to be believed. He has more classics, more gems and more hidden goodies than anyone else. His set in Ozora last year turned the chillout into a 3000 person full power rave up for 5 hours! An epic force in music for 40 years, get him or his bands (Killing Joke, Dub Tree’s) to your party asap.


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