You have to hand it to Birmingham duo Ali M Forbes and producer Andy Savours for creating such an original sound in form of Malpas and their Promise EP (released 23-09-2013). The use of looped acoustic instruments, swelling synths that accent Forbes' falsetto give their sound a unique feel that pitches camp in the hinterlands of acoustic folk and lo-fi electronica which, as widely banded around terms give it no real justice.

Just feast your ears on Us Afloat which starts with an innocent enough uke whose looping melodies alongside accompanying vocals capture your focus filtering out the encroaching synths that swell and surge before taking the song into an entirely different realm where heavier melodies and trip-hop beats take over. Promise takes the same balanced approach offering counterweights of movement that sway throughout, a hypnotic ebb and flow of sound. The opening of Charlemagne is equally inventive with one of the catchiest openers and a killer acoustic sequence 3/4 of the way through.

Promise is a playground of acoustic and electronica that raises the stakes of invention still further!


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